It is our mission to increase knowledge about wood products production and use, and associated issues strategies, and technologies on the part of forest products industry employees, key forest products consumer groups, and those involved in shaping national and regional forest policy.


To carry out its objectives, the FPMDI works to:
  • Provide industry-oriented information and education targeting the current and future leaders of the forest products and bio-based industries. 
  • Increase the public’s knowledge of environmental aspects associated with forest management, harvesting, design, manufacturing, marketing, use, and re-use, with priority given to education of forest products industry employees so as to provide them with a sound basis for discussing forestry-related issues with others.
  • Provide a focus for creative thought, provocative discussion, and academic inquiry relative to the marketing and management functions within the building products, paper, industrial materials, and related emerging industries on a local, regional, national, and international level.
  • Build national degree programs of academic excellence that will produce significant numbers of college graduates who are well grounded in wood and other bio-based material sciences, building science and technology, and business management concepts associated with sales, marketing, and operations management.




Wooden plans stacked in rows with labels
Omar Espinoza