Current Projects

Marketing Practices in the Urban and Reclaimed Wood Industries

Objective: Analyze marketing practices utilized by firms in the urban and reclaimed wood industries to provide marketing strategy recommendations and help grow an industry that utilizes raw materials often discarded or underutilized.

International Marketing Guide for Small to Medium Sized Forest Products Firms

Objective: Assist small businesses with market development opportunities to fuel utilization of urban forest resources.

Increasing Minnesota's Wood Products Exports to South America

Objective: Identify high value-added products with the highest potential for South American markets, as well as identify barriers and factors of success for increasing these exports. An Export Guide will be generated to deliver the study’s results to manufacturers and distributors interested in increasing their sales to the region, enhancing the economic competitiveness of the Minnesotan forest products industry by increasing wood harvest and generating employment.

CLT Knowledge Database

Objective: Create an easily accessible knowledge database, to access and share information about Massive Timber (Cross-Laminated Timber, CLT).

Status of Cross-Laminated Timber: Demand, Supply and Research

Objective: Experts in Europe, Asia, Oceania and Latin America were surveyed to learn about their current level of awareness of CLT, the major barriers to CLT adoption, and about the most pressing research needs to advance the use of CLT as a construction material.

Critical Factors in the Willingness to Adopt Innovative Wood-based Building Materials in the Construction Industry: The case of CLT

Objective: Gain insights of the level of awareness, perceptions and willingness to adopt CLT by U.S. architectural, engineering, construction and building development firms.

Perceptions about Thermally‐Modified Wood Products and Barriers to Acceptance in the in the United States: A Supply Chain Perspective.

Objective: To study consumer behavior, perceptions, barriers to acceptance, and willingness to pay for thermally‐modified wood (TMW) products.

Business Practices for the Small to Medium Sized Forest Products Firms.

Objective:  To develop a manuscript that will assist new or small-to-medium sized forest products firms with the business management aspects of their organization.  This book will be titled “Business Practices for the Small to Medium Sized Forest Products Company” and produced in an electronic format by the USDA Forest Service Wood Education Research Center.

Assessing the Impacts of Increasing Wood Biomass Utilization for Energy on the Forest Products Industry and Timber-Reliant Communities.

Objective: Investigate the potential effects of growth in wood biomass-based energy generation on the established forest products industry, and implications for industry-reliant communities.

Overcoming Barriers to Cogeneration from Biomass in the Hardwood Products Industry.

Objective: evaluate wood biomass-based cogeneration technologies for U.S. hardwood products manufacturers, and their effectiveness in improving the industry’s energy-efficiency and environmental performance.

Forest Certification in Latin America: a Status Report.

Objective: Assess the state of forest certification in Latin American countries, barriers, benefits, and the role of major stakeholders.